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May 6th – Teen Gaming Night with the WPL – 7pm
May 7th – Race the Clock 5-10pm
May 10th – Reshaping Reality for Middle School Students – 5:30pm
May 13th – Fashion For A Cause – 7pm
May 14th – Honeystone and Alan Southworth w/ TBA – 7pm
May 20th- Afternoon Laundromat w/ Next Generation
May 21st-Comedy Show Hold
May 29th-31st – SHS Player’s Studio


June 4th, 5th, & 7th – SHS Player’s Studio
June 10th – Teen Gaming Night with the WPL – 7pm
June 11th – Toquet Awards Night – 7pm
June 17th – Middle School End of the Year Pary – 6-10pm
June 18th – SHS Final Show Hold – 7pm

More information available on our “Calendar Page”


Have Spotify? While you visit, enjoy music from just a few of the past performers that have taken to the Toquet Hall stage… and rocked it!