Downtown Westport Implementation Committee: Toquet Hall Enhancement Initiative

What do teens want? A place downtown that offers entertainment, food, and doesn’t close at 9pm.  What do parents want? A supervised space where teens can get hang out in a convenient location.  This place exists! Toquet Hall, Westport’s only student coffeehouse, is a supervised drug/alcohol-free space where middle school and high school age youth can participate in social, cultural, recreational and educational activities, in the heart of downtown Westport.

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August 23-August 25th – Spanish Club 3-5pm
August 26th – Teen Gaming w/ WPL – 3-5pm


September 3rd – Movie Night: Batman v. Superman – 7pm
September 9th – Race The Clock – 6pm-10pm
September 10th – Slice of Saugatuck – 2pm-5pm
September 16th – Open Mic Night w/ Karaoke – 7pm
September 17th – Drop-In Hours – 7pm
September 23rd – Middle School Night – 6pm
September 24th – Air Traffic Controller w/ Digisaurus, American Opera & TBA – 7pm
September 30th – Teen Gaming Night w/ WPL – 7pm


October 1st – Clusterfunk w/ E2 & TBA – 7pm
October 7th- Born Cages w/ Anxious & E2- 7pm
October 22nd – Fundraising Event w/ Weekend Riot – 7pm
October 28th – Teen Gaming Night w/ WPL – 7pm

January 2017

January 18th– Harvard University’s Din & Tonics

February 2017

January 30th- February 9th– Staples Players Tech & Rehearsal
February 10th-12th– Staples Players Studio

March 2017

February 20th – March 2nd– Staples Players Tech & Rehearsal
March 3rd-5th– Staples Players Studio

May 2017

May 15th-25th & 29th-31st– Staples Players Tech & Rehearsal
May 26th-28th– Staples Players Studio

June 2017

May 15th-25th & 29th-31st– Staples Players Tech & Rehearsal
June 1st-4th– Staples Players Studio

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TGB Application 2016-2017

MSTGB Application 2016-2017

Have Spotify? While you visit, enjoy music from just a few of the past performers that have taken to the Toquet Hall stage… and rocked it!